Health care is undergoing a paradigm shift.  We are in the beginning of an exciting era: personalized healthcare.  The result will be people living healthy lives with less disease.  To achieve this it’s important to develop a wellness plan customized for each person’s biochemistry.

Individuals need to take responsibility and control of their health.  They need to have a wellness plan and strategy.  This means taking  an active role with their practitioner(s) when it comes to evaluating any therapy.   Measuring progress is important.  It allows for evidence based decisions about ongoing therapies.For example, if a person attempts to lower their high cholesterol by changing their diet, taking red yeast rice algae, or by taking a statin class pharmaceutical they should actively monitor their results.  The most convenient and data driven method to monitor therapies is through periodic blood testing.

Health Testing Centers recommends a comprehensive blood chemistry and CBC every six months to establish “markers of health.”  Some of these markers should be general, such as cholesterol level, and some should be specific to a person’s profile, history, and lifestyle, such as a PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) or TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) level.  Markers can then be analyzed over time to evaluate progress on a wellness plan and toward a healthy life without disease.

Blood testing is available online.

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Hepatitis B Blood Test Campaign in San Francisco

A new ad campaign in San Francisco intends to shock residents into getting their blood tested for Hepatitis B.  Hepatitis B is widespread in Asia and it is estimated that 1 in 10 residents of Asian descent are infected with the Hepatitis B virus.  Overall about 1 in 1,000 people in the US are infected […]

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Is Fasting Required Before a Cholesterol Blood Test?

A Cholesterol blood test should be performed semi annually as part of a personal wellness plan.  This schedule can be difficult for many individuals because of the requirement to fast prior to the blood test.  Specifically when having your blood tested for cholesterol the accepted procedure is to “fast” for nine to twelve hours prior […]

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Washington Panel Concludes That a PSA Blood Test Can Still Save Your Life

In the midst of the medical community’s controversy regarding PSA blood testing a panel of prostate cancer experts brought together on Capitol Hill clearly concluded that a PSA blood test can save your life and is still the best tool for early detection of prostate cancer.  The statement of the panel reflected an understanding that […]

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Improved PSA Blood Test Filters Aggressive Tumors

A report given at the American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting on Saturday by John Hopkins University researchers found that a new and improved PSA blood test increased the accuracy of filtering aggressive prostate cancer tumors to 70%.  This new PSA blood test measures three different types of PSA and is a marked improvement […]

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CRP Levels Associated With Thinking Problems

A neurological study has found that increase levels of CRP are associated with thinking problems in executives.  This study measured skills such as decision making, planning and memory.  The finding suggested that participants with the highest CRP levels took longer to complete the tests.    The CRP blood tests is typically used to measure inflammation […]

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CRP Blood Test To Screen For Colon Cancer

New findings were released at the 101st Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research suggesting a link between C-Reactive Protein (CRP) levels and colon cancer.  These findings support a hypothesis that chronic inflammation increases the risk of cancer.  A CRP blood test is typically used as a measure inflammation making it an indicator […]

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New Blood Test For Breast Cancer

A new tumor marker blood test for breast cancer is moving into a testing phase in the UK.  This blood test has the potential of diagnosing breast cancer before there are any visible signs of the disease.  The blood test would be very beneficial for younger women for whom mammograms are less effective.  Currently the […]

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Tumor Marker Blood Tests

The following article describes that it is common for Malaysians to request tumor marker blood tests as part of their yearly medical checkup.  These blood tests are rarely done by physicians in the US as part of a preventative regimen and mainly utilized to guide treatments or if there are already signs of cancer or […]

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Study recommends annual Hemoglobin A1c blood test

New study recommends annual Hemoglobin A1c blood test for type 2 diabetes starting as early as age 30 and to be performed as vigilantly as cholesterol and blood pressure testing. Call for Earlier Diabetes Screenings – Researchers Find Testing as Soon as Age 30 May Reduce Heart Attacks, Diabetes-Related Complications, Death CBS News: March 30, […]

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FDA approves new diagnostic blood test for ovarian cancer

The FDA has approved a blood test to aid in the evaluation of ovarian cancer.  This blood test would be used prior to a patient’ surgery to help determine if a ovarian mass is malignant.  This test called to OVA1 is combination of five established blood tests known as tumor markers: Cancer Antigen 125 (CA […]

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