Open Letter to Medical Community

Dear Medical Community,

Health Testing Centers has been providing blood testing services to our patients and partners for more than 30 years.  We are a licensed “multiphasic” testing facility based in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Direct Access Testing is sometimes a controversial subject amongst Medical Doctors and other traditional healthcare providers.  The primary concern is having a medical professional interpret patient’s results and what will the patients do with the information if they don’t consult a medical professional.  These are valid concerns.  However, we believe patient access to their health data is critical and worth the potential risks that providing this access may create.  Here’s why:

A) In the information age, the trend towards consumers and patients educating themselves is going to continue.  Whether it’s knowledge about their gardens, computers, or bodies, people want to become as expert as they can be.  Putting up barriers to information, especially about peoples own health, is not sustainable.

B) The current practice and use of lab test results is inefficient.  The current way most patients consume blood testing is as follows:

  1. Patient visits primary care doctor for exam
  2. Doctor writes patient script for lab work
  3. Patient goes to lab for the blood draw
  4. Doctor receives lab work and calls patient to come back in
  5. Patient goes for another doctor visit to learn if anything in the labs was out of range

Clearly this is not a practical process.  With direct access testing the patient can get the labs their doc ultimately would have ordered, review them to see if anything is out of range, prepare questions for the doctor, then bring the labs with them to the doctor so everything can be accomplished in one visit.

C) Further, the option of controlling one’s own medial information is something most US citizens would not elect to give up.  The ability to track the black and white results of their lab work, despite potentially changing primary care providers, is helpful.

We hope that the medical community sees the value in what we and other Direct Access Testing providers offer.  Health Testing Centers takes the responsibility of the information we make available very seriously.  In fact we follow the letter of our license in Florida exactly.  We do not and are not permitted to offer ANY diagnosis to the patient at all.  If any results are out of range we advise them to seek the guidance of a healthcare provider.

With the costs of healthcare and especially health insurance continuing to sky rocket, offering the services we do to private pay patients is often their only option to save literally thousands of dollars on lab test bills.

Please feel free to leave your comments on our site.  We aim to create an open dialog, specifically about the ways blood testing can be used and encourage any comments (pro or con) that are constructive to our readers.

David Lovely


Health Testing Centers