Cancer Antigen 27.29 Blood Test

Cancer Antigen 27.29 Testing For Breast Cancer

The Cancer Antigen 27.29 (CA 27.29) is the only blood test used specifically to detect and monitor breast cancer.  Cancer Antigen 27.29 is found in higher levels in those suffering from breast cancer.  Increased numbers suggest cancer that it is worsening, regardless of treatment or medications. Lowered levels would suggest that treatment is successfully at fighting the cancer.

Who Uses The Cancer Antigen 27.29 Blood Testing

Those that are suspected of having breast cancer or have a strong family history should use the blood test. The Cancer Antigen is commonly used for screening, but also to monitor the cancer as well as the body’s reaction to treatment. The blood test levels help your physician customize treatment for maximum success. It is important to mention that other types of conditions such as ovarian cysts, benign tumors of the breast, liver or kidneys can also cause the CA 27.29 to rise. While the blood test is primarily for breast cancer, it can be used to track other types of cancer as well. That is the reason that doctors use the levels in conjunction with other testing or the patient’s medical history to make a diagnosis.

Ranges & Normal Blood Tests Levels

The CA 27.29 is a good indicator and screening to catch cancer early. While the levels and ranges vary between labs, the normal range is between 0 and 2.5 mcg/L. It should be mentioned that some individuals will test high, however they do not have cancer. This is common in those individuals that smoke cigarettes, because it has a tendency to raise the level.