Coenzyme Q10 Blood Test

Coenzyme Q10 Blood Test

The Coenzyme Q10 blood test measures the level or amounts of CoQ10 within the blood stream. CoQ10 is a naturally occurring vitamin-like compound that is necessary for the most basic functioning of cells. It is made in the body and is highly concentrated in the cells of the heart muscle. CoQ10 levels can fluctuate with certain disorders, diseases and medication making it important to monitor the levels for one’s health.  CoQ10 is also a potent antioxidant, helping protect cells from injury and potentially cancer. Because of these facts CoQ10 has developed a reputation as a “miracle vitamin” and is recommended as treatment for many ailments associated with CoQ10 deficiency. 

Who Should Have Coenzyme Q10 Blood Testing

This blood test can be used as a health screening or when a person has symptoms that suggest they may be CoQ10 deficient. Those individuals that suffer from any of the following should have regular blood tests; morbid obesity, high blood pressure, muscular dystrophy, gingivitis, heart disease or PKU (phenylketonuria). While the levels of CoQ10 decrease with age, they can also be decreased because of nutritional habits and some disorders also lower the levels as well. Disorders that have been implicated in lowered CoQ10 levels are congestive heart failure, halitosis, Alzheimers, breast cancer, HIV and lung cancer, just to name a few.

Importance Of CoQ10 Blood Tests

Those with CoQ10 deficiencies have been linked to a number of disorders and diseases. It is recommended by the medical profession to have regular blood tests to determine not only the CoQ10 levels, but also other vital levels within the blood stream to ensure health. While there are medical treatments for those deficient in CoQ10 levels, some believe that it can be corrected through supplements and dietary changes. CoQ10 is found in chicken, fish and other meats but is most abundant in organs such as the liver, kidney, brain, and heart, liver.

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