Estradiol Blood Test

About The Estradiol Test

The Estradiol blood test is one that is used to measure the amount of hormone Estradiol in the blood stream. Estradiol is a female hormone that is most commonly known form of Estrogen. It is found and secreted from the female ovaries, adrenal cortex and placenta. The levels and functioning of this hormone has been noted in the development of female characteristics, such as the breasts, outer genitals, fallopian tubes, uterus and vagina. It is also commonly noted in the distribution of body fat for women as well as their growth.

 Normal Ranges & Meanings Of The Estadiol Blood Testing

Though the normal ranges of the Estradiol blood tests can vary from lab to lab, the male normal range is between 10 and 60 picograms, premenopausal female is 20 to 400 and post menopausal is between 5 and 25 pg/mL. With the ranges of this blood test individuals can better understand their symptoms or other medical conditions that might be present. For example, a higher than normal level might suggest an ovarian tumor, failure of the ovaries, low estrogen levels or fast weight loss, while a lower than normal level might mean Turner Syndrome. This is a common blood test for women that are attempting to get pregnant, undergoing fertility treatment, have a delayed or absent menstrual cycle as well as hindered development for both males and females.

Importance Of The Blood Test

In some cases children are subjected to the Estaraiol test to determine the cause of stunt in their physical development. It is also common for women that are pregnant to determine the health of their developing baby and the efficiency of the placenta in nourishing the baby. As with any blood test, the levels can vary so they should be evaluated by a medical professional when levels are too high or too low.