Free Testosterone Blood Test

Testosterone, Free A Test For Hormone Levels

Testosterone is a common hormone that is associated with masculine qualities. It is commonly referred to during puberty, the growing of facial hair and other physical characteristics that are associated with males. While the hormone does appear in higher levels in males than females, both sexes have the hormone within their bloodstream. A Testosterone blood test is used for a number of reasons, but some of the most common for females are masculine characteristics, excess facial hair, deepened voice and a lowered sex drive. Testosterone blood testing is used with males when experience difficulty fathering a child, have sexual difficulty or a lowered sperm count.

Normal Ranges For The Blood Test

The Testosterone, Free Blood Test is oftentimes used in conjunction with other blood tests to determine an overall picture of hormonal balance. An imbalance occurs when the levels deviate greatly from 200 for men and 70 for women. Lowered levels can give clues to medical professionals about a range of medical conditions, such as trouble with pregnancy, lack of sexual drive or even male characteristics in a female. It is important that a Testosterone blood test be given if any of these conditions are present. This will determine the levels and can be rectified by hormone replacement therapy, or can lead to further diagnostic testing.

Why The Testosterone Blood Test Is Important

Through history testosterone has been associated with aggressiveness and negative male characteristics, however there is much more to the hormone than that. It also plays a critical role in a males muscle development, formation of the male sexual organs, as well as a leading role in diseases such as Prostate cancer. It is important that both women and men have blood tests to ensure that this major hormone within the blood stream is within normal limits, especially if imbalance symptoms are present.