FSH Blood Test

Follicle Stimulating Hormone FSH – Fertility Hormones Examined

The FSH blood test is commonly used when couples are having difficulty in achieving pregnancy. The test measures the level of the follicle stimulating hormone, which is responsible for the controlling of the menstrual cycle, production of eggs in the ovary and a males sperm counts. While a females FSH level will fluctuate depending on her menstrual cycle, a males levels remain consistent throughout the month. This blood test helps fertility doctors pinpoint the possible causes for infertility, as well as diagnose problems that might be the culprit cause.

Who Is The FSH Blood Test Recommended For

Couples that are having trouble becoming pregnant should have the FSH blood test. Women that have low egg counts, irregular or absent menstrual cycles can also benefit from learning their FSH hormone levels. Males suspected of having a low sperm count are often given the FSH blood tests to ensure their ability to impregnate their wives. It is also ordered for children to determine if early puberty has begun. The FSH blood test can also help diagnose conditions of the pituitary gland and tumors of the glands as well.

Normal Levels & Ranges

The levels differ for men, women and children. A female’s midpeak menstrual cycle normal range is between 22 and 57 IU/L, those past menopause, should range between 14 and 52. Normal levels for men are between 1 and 8 IU/L. A child’s before puberty normal levels are between .5 and 4. High levels in women can suggest; ovarian failure and that menopause have occurred. High values for men suggest non-functioning testicles and possibly Klinefelter Syndrome.