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Heart Health and Cholesterol

Testing the homocysteine levels in the blood is used to determine risk of stroke, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and osteoporosis. Homocysteine levels are greatly affected by diet as well as genetic factors. Many nutritionists have started recommending homocysteine testing for patients concerned about disease prevention.

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C-Reactive Protein Blood Test (CRP)

Measuring C-Reactive Protein (CRP) is used as an indicator of heart attack risk. The blood test measures the general level of inflammation in your body. It is thought that the higher level of CRP the higher the risk of heart attack. The CRP blood test is often ordered with the Lipid Profile in order to […]

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Lipid Profile

A Lipid Profile blood test measures the cholesterol in your body. Cholesterol is described as a fat-like, waxy, substance. Normally it is in certain foods and is stored in your body’s cells. A healthy body needs small amounts of cholesterol for normal operations. The danger of having too much cholesterol is that it can harden […]

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