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Hormones and Anti-Aging

The Estradiol Blood Test can be used to measure hypothalamic and pituitary functions.  In females it can evaluate menopausal status and sexual maturity.  With men it can asses gynecomastia or feminization syndrome.

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Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) Blood Test

Hormone levels are thought to be one of the most important factors to good health and graceful aging. DHEA is the most commonly found hormone in the body. The body can convert DHEA into other important hormones too. Measuring the levels of DHEA in the body is an important part of many hormone strategies.

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Testosterone Blood Test

There are many reasons people feel testosterone levels are important to good health. Further, there are numerous methods people use to affect the level of testosterone in the body. By testing the blood for testosterone levels it helps to determine if the methods being used to increase the levels are working.

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