Obama’s Preventative Blood Tests

President Obama got his 2010 presidential physical on Sunday including the following blood tests:  a Chemistry Panel, Lipid Profile, CRP, Homocystein and PSA.  You will note that at age 48 the President’s Navy doctor is running a PSA test to monitor his prostate health.  The CRP blood test  and even less prescribed Homocystein are being used to measure the President’s cardiac health. 

We believe the use of these blood  tests set a excellent example and  should be part of a man’s thorough annual physical.  If there was ever any meaningful controversy over the validity of any of these blood tests, what better endorsement can there be.

Obama’s 2010 physical: test details, medical report

Chicago Sun-Times:  February 28, 2010

WASHINGTON–President Obama got his first physical as commander-in-chief on Sunday and his Navy doctor said he is “fit for duty.” Obama, 48, is in “excellent health” though he is still struggling to stop cravings for nicotine.

After a routine exam at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, a Washington suburb, Capt. Jeffrey Kuhlman, the Chief White House physician, advised Obama to modify his diet to lower his LDL–known as “bad” cholesterol– and to continue his “smoking cessation efforts.” Obama uses what Kuhlman called “nicotine replacement therapy;” Obama has used nicotine gum to help him quit.

When Obama was considering a White House run, now First Lady Michelle Obama demanded that Obama quit smoking as a condition of her getting behind his 2008 presidential bid. Obama last June, was asked if he still smoked; he said he was “95 percent cured” but “there are times when I mess up.”

The president, who works out and plays basketball and golf, also has some “grind” and wear on his left knee and Kuhlman recommended a “lower extremity muscle strengthening program” to deal with this.

Obama’s health details from his physical exam:

Weight: 179.9 pounds (with shoes and workout attire)

Body Mass Index: 23.7

Resting Heart rate: (seated) 56

Resting blood pressure: (seated) 105/62

Pulse-oximetry: 98% (room air)

Temperature: 97.8 F

Vision: 20/20 both eyes. Mild astigmatism and presbyopia.

Gastriointestinal: Obama took a high-tech screening test, a CT-colonography. His test results were normal. Colonography is less invasive than a colonoscopy and does not involved having to be sedated.

Lipid profile with total cholesterol: 209

Triglycerides: 46

HDL: 62

LDL: 138


Total cholesterol to HDL ratio: 3.4

Homocystein: 11.6 and CRP ultrasensitive 0.015.

FBS: 87

PSA: 0.70

Heart: EKG, EBCT, normal.

 By Lynn Sweeton

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