Blood Testing & Personalized Healthcare

Health care is undergoing a paradigm shift.  We are in the beginning of an exciting era: personalized healthcare.  The result will be people living healthy lives with less disease.  To achieve this it’s important to develop a wellness plan customized for each person’s biochemistry.

Individuals need to take responsibility and control of their health.  They need to have a wellness plan and strategy.  This means taking  an active role with their practitioner(s) when it comes to evaluating any therapy.   Measuring progress is important.  It allows for evidence based decisions about ongoing therapies.For example, if a person attempts to lower their high cholesterol by changing their diet, taking red yeast rice algae, or by taking a statin class pharmaceutical they should actively monitor their results.  The most convenient and data driven method to monitor therapies is through periodic blood testing.

Health Testing Centers recommends a comprehensive blood chemistry and CBC every six months to establish “markers of health.”  Some of these markers should be general, such as cholesterol level, and some should be specific to a person’s profile, history, and lifestyle, such as a PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) or TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) level.  Markers can then be analyzed over time to evaluate progress on a wellness plan and toward a healthy life without disease.

Blood testing is available online.

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